Photo: Positive Tomorrows

Photo: Positive Tomorrows

Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors in free agency, but he certainly hasn’t left his old city high and dry off the court.

According to Positive Tomorrows, which provides elementary school education to homeless children, The Kevin Durant Chairty Foundation donated $57,000 to help purchase land for a larger facility. Additionally, Durant’s gift unlocked an anonymous $50,000 grant.

Durant has long been a supporter of Positive Tomorrows, personally delivering shoes to every child at Christmas, fulfilling the school’s entire Amazon Wish List, and funding a summer break camp program. Last Christmas, Durant funded a new scratch kitchen and cafeteria that enabled the school to increase its daily capacity by 16 students in its most recent school year.


“Kevin continues to be a great friend to Positive Tomorrows, and he has been instrumental in helping our school grow over the last several years,” Positive Tomorrows President and Principal Susan Agel said. “Still, we consistently turn away students due to a lack of space, and his generous contribution this year along with several anonymous donors will enable us to embark on our upcoming capital campaign debt-free. We are so grateful.”

Last holiday season, Durant donated $35,000 and stopped by for a visit.

According to Positive Tomorrow’s, there are over 8,000 homeless students (kindergarten through high school).