Philadelphia Eagles fan Hakim Laws took a playful shot at wide receiver Nelson Agholor’s hands at an odd time — during a local news interview, right after saving people from a burning building. Little did he know, Agholor would step up and show his appreciation for what Laws did for the community.

Laws, a former firefighter and military veteran, sprang into action with first responders when he noticed an apartment building in West Philadelphia had gone up in flames at 2:00am on Monday. He helped catch a baby and a woman who were being lowered from the window.

According to reports, the fire left five injured and 10 residents displaced, but thanks to Laws and other fast-acting heroes, many lives were saved.

The situation was intense, but it didn’t keep Laws from remembering that his beloved Eagles lost to the Detroit Lions 27-24 just a few hours prior. During an interview with CBS3, Laws called out Agholor and his missed opportunities during the game.

“I see a guy hanging out the window screaming that his kids were in there,” Laws in the interview. “My man just started throwing babies out… and we were catching them, unlike Agholor and all his mishaps. I’d like to put that out there.”



The clip went viral, and not long after, Agholor was recognizing Laws on Twitter with a classy offer.

“Thank you for being a hero in the community,” Agholor wrote. “Would like to invite you and your family to the next home game. Twitter help me out and get me in touch with him.”

The Eagles have since been in touch with Laws, who is honored by the gesture. But, for him, the true value goes beyond game tickets.

“Being acknowledged for doing something like that, rescuing people from a fire, that’s the real reward for me,” he told NBC10.

Witnessing an Eagles win in person would come in a close second.