Robin Roberts was inducted into the Sports Broadcasting Hall of Fame on Tuesday night.

Before she became a mainstay on ABC’s Good Morning America, she joined ESPN’s SportsCenter in 1990. She has interviewed top athletes and world leaders, but she is also someone worth shining the spotlight on.

Check out her acceptance speech from the evening, which included her describing her dream as a little girl.

“My dream was to be a professional tennis player. I would dream of being at Wimbledon. I would come off the hot steamy courts in Mississippi and I would bow and curtsy, and I’d eat strawberries and cream, dreaming that one day, I would be there at Wimbledon. But there’s that little thing called ability that you must have that I was somewhat lacking, so my dream was to be a sports journalist, and I made it to Wimbledon. I didn’t have a tennis racquet in my hands. I had an ESPN microphone in my hands, and I am so grateful for all the opportunities.”