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Not Just A Golden State Warrior, Kevin Durant Donates Big To Help Homeless Kids Receive An Education In Oklahoma City

December 14, 20160

Kevin Durant left the Oklahoma City Thunder for the Golden State Warriors in free agency, but he certainly hasn’t left his old city high and dry off the court. According
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VIDEO: Teen Who Wasn’t Expected To Walk Or Talks Shoots Hoops With Steph Curry

December 11, 20160

Brandon Kelman, 14, was never expected to walk or talk, let alone shoot hoops with NBA star Steph Curry. Kelman experienced infantile spasms starting at six weeks old, and malformations
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VIDEO: Teen With Cancer Uses Her ‘Wish’ to Surprise Twin With Steph Curry Meeting

June 13, 20160

Cancer really is a disease that affects the whole family. Ashley Wagner, 14, was diagnosed with leukemia last spring. As hard as the illness was on her, she realized its
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Steph Curry Makes Time For Young Fans Before, After Monster Games In Florida

February 26, 20160

Does Steph Curry ever falter? We’re convinced he doesn’t. After scoring 51 points against Orlando on Thursday, the Golden State Warriors guard took off his shoes, signed them, and made
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VIDEO: Steph Curry Meets Boy With Inoperable Brain Tumor

September 28, 20150

Golden State Warrior Steph Curry got to meet a different kind of warrior recently when he got together with Taliq Davis. Davis, 10, was diagnosed in February with DIPG, a
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Klay Thompson Surprises U.S. Airman Who Stopped Terrorist Attack On Paris Bound Train

September 10, 20150

Spencer Stone is a true American (and French) hero. Stone is one of the three U.S. Airman who helped stop a terrorist attack on a Paris-bound train on August 22.
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NBA Finals 2015: The Story Of Steph Curry, An Unlikely Champion

June 16, 20150

Steph Curry shouldn’t be an NBA champion right now. The Golden State Warriors guard was 5’6″ and 125 pounds in high school, where he shot the ball from his waist.
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