Steph Curry inspires many with his skills on the court, but sometimes the moves he makes off the court leave the bigger mark. Take his interaction with Brandon Kelman, 14, for example.

When Brandon was born, the odds were stacked against him. At six weeks old, he experienced infantile spasms, which are severe seizures that damage the brain.

Doctors told his parents he would never walk. But, Brandon proved everyone wrong and then some.

Brandon was never a sports fan until his younger brother, Jack, showed him videos of Steph Curry draining 3’s and half-court shots like they were free throws.

“Ever since then, he’s tracked every single basketball game Steph Curry plays, and he knows every single player on the Warriors,” Jack told KTVU2.

Not only that, but then Brandon began picking up a basketball and hitting the court with his brother and friends.

Knowing Brandon’s only wish was to meet Curry, the Kelman’s, with the help of the Warriors, made that happen.

Brandon had the chance to attend a Warriors’ shootaround and drop 3’s with Curry.

“It just gives him that sense that he can be normal,” Brandon’s mother said. “The self-confidence he gained today is priceless to me; absolutely priceless.”

“It restores my faith in humanity to be able to give my child a gift he will have the rest of his life,” his father added.

Here’s a look at Brandon’s story and his day with Curry:

A day worthy of a championship ring.