Before Tom Brady gathered with Patriots teammates for the first day of camp, he huddled up with nine children who have life-threatening illnesses. That’s because they all told the Make-A-Wish Foundation that their dream was to meet the five-time Super Bowl champion.

According to, Brady watched film with the kids, signed autographs, took photos and fielded some very good questions during the meet and greet on Wednesday.

Questions like, “Do football players actually do ballet for the footwork?”

Take a quick look at the day:

One of the kids who got to meet Brady was 9-year-old Colson Ross from Fletcher, N.C. According to Blue Ridge Now, Colson invited the future Hall of Fame quarterback to his birthday party four years ago. Brady wasn’t able to make it, but the Patriots still sent team apparel and memorabilia.

As an infant, Colson contracted a virus called Kawasaki Disease, which causes inflammation of the coronary arteries.

“Colson won’t ever get to play any contact sports, and that breaks my heart completely. But the West Henderson students and football players have taken Colson under their wings and allowed him to be a part of their ‘Student Section.’ There was even a special article about Colson in the yearbook this year,” his mom, Vicki Ross, told Blue Ridge Now.

Anyone want to guess what the hot topic will be in the student section of West Henderson’s first game? “The time Colson Ross met Tom Brady” is a good place to start.