Not all kids have their faces glued to a screen these days. Take Jasper Fleming, 12, and his friend, Sam. They were bored one day two years ago, so they decided to design their own soccer jersey and cleats.

They sent the colorful drawings to Adidas once they were finished, just for the heck of it. What they got in return blew them away.

Adidas made the Edmonton boys’ jersey and cleat idea come to life. Not only that, but they sent the gear directly to Jasper.

Then, about six weeks ago, Jasper’s mother received a surprising phone call. A rep from Adidas was on the other end of the call, asking for Jasper’s shoe size.

A few weeks later, a package from Adidas showed up at the Flemings’ home.

“I open it and I saw Adidas and I was like, ‘OH!’” Jasper recalled.

Inside the box was Jasper’s official custom-made jersey and cleats, as well as an official Colombia jersey, Jasper’s favourite team.

“I pulled out the jersey and I’m like, ‘Woah. This is exactly like I remember it,’” Jasper said, having almost forgotten what the designs looked it. (Global News)

According to the report, Jasper began drawing after he was diagnosed with dyslexia. Who knows where the skill will lead down the road. But, for now, it’s made him one happy soccer fan.