Whether children in Miami believe in Santa Claus is up for debate, but there’s no doubt they believe in Teddy Bridgewater.

The New Orleans Saints backup quarterback surprised kids with toys in Liberty City, an area of Miami, Florida widely considered to be the most dangerous neighborhood in the state.

In July, Bridgewater rented a U-Haul truck and loaded it with bikes, toys and school supplies. He drove it to Liberty City, parked it on the side of the road and let kids swoop in for whatever their hearts desired. Once everything was gone from the truck, Bridgewater handed $20 bills to each child so he or she could buy a little something for themselves.

“See the thing is,” Bridgewater wrote on Twitter, “when you’re genuine and your heart is pure, the attention means nothing. This was last July. My new name in the hood is ‘MR.UHAUL’ because I will pull up and shut down 15th (Avenue) down whenever I feel like it.”

Although delayed, Bridgewater let his followers know what he did by recently posting photos on Twitter.





The 26-year-old, who attended Louisville, is known for his community involvement. He regularly attends fundraisers for people who have been affected by breast cancer. His mother fought the disease for much of his life.

In fact, when he was with the Minnesota Vikings, Bridgewater was named the team’s Ed Block Courage Award winner in 2016.

Before then, he was nominated for the 2013 Allstate AFCA Good Works Team, the most prestigious off-the-field honor in college football. That’s when he was volunteering at an elementary school, speaking at middle school pep rallies and participating in tornado relief clean-ups.

It’s great to see that Bridgewater hasn’t lost his luster for improving his community and making the world a little brighter. While he may be a backup on the field, he’s a big time star off of it.