Legendary golfer Gary Player is having a great summer. How great?  He can’t help but backflip. Yes, even at 81 years old.

Player balanced on the edge of a boat with a helpful hand and then launched himself up and out, just shy of a full rotation. Still, we’re giving him a 10.00.

Player is a huge fitness advocate, practicing what he preaches on a daily basis. Two years ago, he gave 10 fitness tips to Sports Illustrated.

Here are a few he provided:

Walk at a good clip. You could also take the stairs whenever possible and take advantage of other routine opportunities for physical activity.  In middle-aged and older people, once walking speed starts to decline health problems usually follow.

Develop both sides of your body. Imbalances lead to injury.

Work on your core. The core is where your power comes from and that is true if you are 18 or 80.

Eat super foods. The observation that eating too much highly processed food contributes to weight gain is a valuable one, and folks who stay lean watch what they eat. Things like tree nuts, fruits, veggies, and olive oil have been shown in well-done research studies to do things like reduce cholesterol and are associated with longevity.

Try to get winded 10 minutes at day. Physical activity is good, and even a little bit of higher intensity activity can go a long way toward boosting your aerobic capacity.

Get energy from young people. Most of us are lucky enough to know an 80-year-old who is still really with it, and most of them spend plenty of time with younger people and make a point of trying new things and being in the thick of things.

Now that’s some advice worth implementing. I mean, backflips? Who says golfers are boring?