There aren’t many athletes who do the holidays like P.K. Subban. The defenseman for the Nashville Predators dressed as a 75-year-old man named “Eddie” to spread some holiday cheer around his city.

Subban’s “acts of kindness” went from small to large to jaw-dropping all in one day. He started at the Renaissance Hotel, where he gave out candy canes and then stunned one couple by handing them an envelope with a coupon for a complimentary stay in a suite. Along the way, he stopped by a country bar, where he danced with patrons and asked for prune juice. Then he handed out Predators tickets to people on the street.

His last stop, however, was the most profound. He helped facilitate a living room makeover for a family affiliated with his “Blueline Buddies” program, which helps build bridges between local law enforcement, underprivileged youth and low income families.

This family, comprised of a single mom raising two children, had just one wish for Christmas: To receive a new living room.

“Sometimes, my family, they go through things,” one son said. “As they go through it, I can see the fear in her [his mom’s] face or the sadness on her face. I really don’t want them to know that I know about it. It might make them sadder.”

So, Subban stepped in and arranged for new furniture, a Christmas tree, gifts under the tree and a holiday meal to celebrate the season.

“They have no idea that we’re doing this,” he said. “Hopefully, it’s an emotional and amazing surprise for them.”

Take a look at the video:



This kind of surprise is nothing new for Subban, who turned the atrium of Montreal Children’s Hospital into a “Winter Wonderland” a couple of years ago and took a group of Nashville children on the “Subban Sleigh” ride and on a shopping spree in 2016.

Who can’t root for this guy?