Lucy Heslin, 9, from Indianapolis was terrified when she saw her favorite IndyCar driver Scott Dixon crash at the Indy 500 in May.

It was a horrifying crash that left Dixon limping away from the scene. So, Lucy wrote a letter to IndyCar expressing her concern for the driver.

“…I saw him limping on TV and just wanted to make sure he was ok. I’ve loved Scott Dixon since I was really little and when I saw the crash, I got so scared and started crying…”

Here’s the full letter:

Thanks to IndyCar passing the letter along to Dixon, Lucy was surprised by the man himself.

“To go to that level, and obviously write a letter, ask to send that to IndyCar shows a lot of determination and thoughtfulness on her behalf,” Dixon said. “I think that’s what makes it so touching. It’s not like it’s just a brief encounter; it’s something she felt very strongly about.”

Here’s the heartwarming video of the two meeting.