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Rasheed Wallace was known as one of the NBA’s bad boys during his 16-year career. Trash talk, fighting, and ejections were a common part of his game, but he is showing a different side now that he’s retired.

“Sheed” joined ESPN‘s Rachel Nichols and Stephen Jackson to buy bottled water from Flint, Michigan Targets and Walmarts so that they could personally deliver cases to residents.

“We take it for granted because we live in other cities and our water is fine. But just imagine if it was happening in your town. You damn sure would want help, too, so that’s why we’re here.” – Rasheed Wallace

Nichols documented the deed and put in on her Facebook page:

Wallace played for the Detroit Pistons for seven years, even helping them win an NBA title in 2004. He has been sending help to the area ever since the water crisis started.