Many pro athletes retire from their sport, and go into coaching, broadcasting, business, real estate, etc.

Not nine-year NFL veteran Daryn Colledge. The 34-year-old announced on Twitter Tuesday that he has enlisted in the Army National Guard.

A former guard for the Packers, Cardinals, and Dolphins himself, Colledge said,

“After much deliberation and discussion, I’m proud to sign my longest term deal of all time, 8 yrs and have enlisted in the Army National Guard. After all my time in the NFL, traveling, meeting, and supporting the troops, I’ve decided to step up and stand shoulder to shoulder with them. This was not a decision made lightly, we live in an ever changing world, and at this time in my life I feel it is best served with me in defense of my family, state, country.”

According to ESPN, Colledge made the decision final two months ago. He dropped from his playing weight of 310 pounds to 270 pounds, and still has 30 to lose.

The first six years of his contract have him on active duty with the last two years in the reserves, but Colledge said that he will likely turn those two years into another eight years of active duty.

He’ll start by working as a helicopter mechanic in Boise, Idaho, with the goal being to work as a Black Hawk crew chief, which involves being the cable operator and door gunner in rescue missions.

According to reports, Colledge made almost $25 million during the course of his NFL career.

However, his most important job is undoubtedly the one coming up.