Less than a year after Jason Pierre-Paul destroyed his right hand in a Fourth of July fireworks accident, the New York Giants’ pass rusher made a large donation to the burn center where he was treated.

On Wednesday, Pierre-Paul announced that he and CareOne Management gave New York Presbyterian Hospital’s Weill Cornell Medical Center $20,000 to say “thank you.”

“As I was sitting in the hospital on July 5, there were a lot of burn [victims] in there. And I was one of them,” Pierre-Paul said. “And just walking through the hospital, I saw a lot of burn people. People that lost hands, people that lost legs, due to fireworks incidents or whatever. And it just made me think, every time I look at my hand, it just made me think about the burn center.”

Despite the injury, Pierre-Paul suited up in eight games for the Giants this season while wearing a padded club on the damaged hand, which is missing an index finger and parts of two other fingers.

He had surgery in January to improve his grip strength, and may undergo further surgeries this off season.