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Just like there’s no room for error when it comes to kicking a field goal, there’s no room for bullying when it comes to those who are different.

Denver Broncos’ kicker Brandon McManus ended his season a champion, but his work is far from done.

In 2014, he co-founded the Anti-Bully Squad, which aims to put a stop to bullying.

McManus was inspired by 11-year-old Ryder Braden, who has Down Syndrome. Braden was made fun of by his neighbors in 2014, so his mother reached out to the Rocky Mountain Down Syndrome Association. Someone from the association contacted McManus and told him Braden’s story.

That’s when the Super Bowl winner extended a hand to the family and showed up at their house to spend most of the day with Braden.

β€œHe wore me out. We basically played until the sun went down,” McManus told Fox 31. β€œI wanted his mom to feel a sense of security. That maybe someone is out there trying to help her son.”

McManus isn’t only providing relief for Braden, but he’s offering support for his mother, Hillery, too. He sent a care package to her after he found out that she was diagnosed with cancer.

The Broncos had their victory parade already, but maybe they should hold another one just for their kicker.