Weighing just two-and-a-half pounds at birth, Mitch Pollock, 8, has demonstrated tenacity his entire life.

He has shown such determination that the men’s lacrosse team at York College in Pennsylvania just had to add him to their roster.

Pollack has endured countless medical procedures in his short life, including a kidney transplant. For two years, he was attached to a machine that pumped fluid in and out of his body because his kidneys didn’t work.

Hearing about Pollock’s condition and learning of his love for lacrosse (thanks to watching his 17-year-old brother play), the Team Up For 1 Foundation helped pair him with York College to make him feel a part of a team, an experience he would have otherwise never had.

On Monday, Pollock was introduced at a press conference where he signed his national letter of intent. Then he was handed a whistle, which he put to good use during a chilly practice.

The York College men’s lacrosse team has changed Pollock’s reality, and that’s inclusion at its finest.

H/T: YDR.com