Photo: @UCFKnights/Twitter

Photo: @UCFKnights/Twitter

Meeting your favorite athlete is as memorable as a trip to Disney World.

So, let’s highlight two very meaningful athlete-fan interactions from the weekend that was.

First, one of Kevin Durant’s biggest fans had his night made with one simple hug.

Then Julianna Linton met University of Central Florida linebacker Shaquem Griffin in her hometown of Houston. Linton, a cheerleader in the making, was presented with a UCF decorated 3-D printed bionic arm last spring by the school. She has kept in touch with UCF cheerleaders, so when she found out the team was coming to town, she made sure to root them on.

Both Griffin and Linton each lost one arm due to a rare birth complication called Amniotic Band Syndrome. It hasn’t stopped Griffin one bit. He recorded three sacks, an interception, and a fumble recovery last weekend. And, it isn’t stopping Linton either. Here’s their story: