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If you have a kid nicknamed “Money,” you put him in the game, right?

Robert “Money” Lewis is the basketball team manager for Franklin Road Academy in Tennessee. He also happens to have Down Syndrome.

With it being Senior Night, his coach asked him to dress for the game against University School of Nashville, and take part in warm ups. Then, to his surprise, he heard his name called with 90 seconds to go.

Lewis played tough defense and heard the crowd chant his name. After a miss, he nailed a 3-pointer with five seconds remaining.

“After the game, everybody was crying with joy, and I saw it through people’s eyes; and I loved it,” Lewis told News 2.

Ironically, it was Lewis’ brother, who plays for University, that defended him on the shot.

The crowd went wild and hoisted him up on their shoulders, making the moment even more special.

“It was basically the culmination of someone who has given so much to the school and given so much to his classmates, being repaid in love,” his coach said.

Check out the heartwarming video: