There’s no time like the present to start, even if you’re 76 years old.

Two years ago, Shirley Webb couldn’t climb a flight of stairs, so with her granddaughter, she started going to the gym. From day one, she was hooked.

Now 78, Webb can deadlift 225 pounds for multiple reps.

The East Alton, Illinois resident got into powerlifting after starting with her trainer. She has a personal record of 245 pounds on the deadlift, and she can leg press 300 pounds.

That’s remarkable for any 78-year-old, but when you hear about where she started, it’s down right inspiring.

“I told my trainer I couldn’t get down on the floor to work out because I would not be able to get back up,” she explains. He told her he would help her get back up and they worked together to develop a training routine. (Advantage News)

Webb goes to the gym about twice a week, and she competes at local competitions. She won her division last summer by completing a deadlift of 215 pounds.

When she’s not tossing around hundreds of pounds? Who knows. She probably has kids asking her to help them move.

The life of a 78-year-old.