Sports and education can walk hand-in-hand to make the world a better place.

The Romanian National Soccer Team wore math equations on their training jerseys before a friendly on Sunday against Spain. The solution to these equations were the players’ actual numbers.

This was done in an effort to get children excited about math. Romania has one of the highest dropout rates (20%) in the European Union.

“Football and mathematics are not mutually exclusive,” Romanian Football Federation president, Razvan Burleanu said (via The Guardian). “We must look at sports and education as not only complementary but fundamental elements integrated in the training and perfection of children. We want to have healthy generation and smart students who achieve performance and tools through tailored passions. Through this project, children will learn the basics of football and have an opportunity for the first time in our country — to discover mathematics through an attractive approach.”

Not only did the players wear the math problems, but so did the children who accompanied them onto the field prior to the match.

There’s so much more to sports than just numbers.