Skaters are born every day. They just happen to come in all shapes and sizes.

Atticus Edmunds, 8, has always been a thrill seeker. Roller coasters? Check. Swings. Check that one off, too. Thanks to his adventurous spirit and a supportive family, the Sacramento boy isn’t letting his wheelchair confine him.

After seeing a video of a father pushing his wheelchair-bound son around a skatepark, the Edmunds family loaded up the car and headed toward a new kind of playground.

Atticus’ father, Jared, pushed him down the bowls and up the ramps as his mother, Tresa, filmed the moment. With Atticus yelling, “That was fantastic!” and “That was crazy!” a skater was born, and the video went viral.

Atticus was born at just 27 weeks old, weighing 2 pounds and 3 ounces. He has cerebral palsy and other medical issues, but that hasn’t held him back from being an “action junkie.”

“It’s so exciting for me, because as his mom — as his advocate — my goal is to make room in the world for him and to get people to see him as a kid first and the chair second.” – Tresa Edmunds (CBS Sacramento)

It’s no secret that skaters take their fair share of bumps and bruises. According to his Facebook page, Atticus had has first spill on Feb. 6.

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We foresee many more fun-filled days on the concrete for Atticus and his family.