What’s more exciting: Getting your driver’s license or making X Games history?

That’s a fair question for snowboarder 16-year-old Hailey Langland, who just became the first woman to land a double cork at X Games. And, she did it as time was running out.

Take a look at the historic moment in Aspen, Colo.:

Langland claimed a gold medal for that Cab double cork 1080, which gives her two X Games medals in her young career. She won bronze in 2016 in slopestyle.

“I honestly had no idea what the time was. I still thought we had like 20 more minutes,” Langland told the Aspen Times. “It’s a bit surreal. I can’t honestly believe that this just happened. But I’m super stoked.”

Langland hails from San Clemente, Calif., and is homeschooled to allow her the flexibility to travel the world with her snowboard in hand.

It’s certainly paying off so far.