Chris Robbie runs with the Colorado foothills in the background. (Photo courtesy of Chris Robbie)

Chris Robbie runs with the Colorado foothills in the background. Photo courtesy of Chris Robbie

By Kim Constantinesco

June was a great month for Purpose 2 Play. It was full of stories rich in intention, genuineness, and strength.

Here are our top five stories from June based on number of pageviews. We’ve also included a favorite quote from each article.

5. Man Running 15 Marathons in 15 Days to Pay Teachers’ Salaries in Africa

“On my first marathon, I tripped over a fence post and fell within the first 30 minutes. I wasn’t sure I would make it 15 marathons if I was starting out that way.” – Chris Robbie

4. Dikembe Mutombo’s Finger Wag Still Making Huge Impressions

“For all that 7’2″ former NBA star Dikembe Mutombo is, one small thing still always comes to mind despite the fact that he hasn’t played in a game since 2009: His index finger.”

3. Two-Time Cancer Survivor Climbs World Tallest Mountains with One Lung

“Most people in the climbing community told me that I’d never make it past camp two.” – Sean Swarner on what people told him before him summited Mt. Everest.

2. Japan Fans Clean Up Stadium at World Cup Despite Loss

“It goes to show that ‘normal’ is all relative and losing can be handled with grace even in the stands.”

1. USWNT Goalie Jill Loyden: A True Underdog Story

“Every National Anthem I always close my eyes. I sing and I just think of my sister, and I just think of her smiling. I give her a little sign before the start of every half and I just carry her with me everywhere.” – Jill Loyden on how she honors her sister, who was killed because of domestic violence

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