Earlier in the week, we told you about Tim Tebow blasting a home run after meeting a young fan who has autism in the on-deck circle.

Turns out, the St. Lucie Mets’ most popular player wasn’t done creating feel-good moments for the week.

On Saturday night, as the Mets took on the Tampa Yankees at Steinbrenner Field, Jillian Joyce, a 27-year-old with cerebral palsy, asked if Tebow would join her as she sang God Bless America in the seventh inning.

Of course, he said, “Yes.”

Tebow didn’t lend his voice, but he stood beside Joyce as she belted a beautiful rendition of the song, and then gave her a big hug after she was done.

Have a look:

According to The Tampa Bay Times, Joyce is a seasoned vocalist with a local singing group, and also a huge Tebow fan.

Joyce’s mother, Lillian, said her daughter is a singer with the Pyramid Players, a local group of special-needs adults that performs in the area. Jillian has attended one of the special-needs proms Tebow organizes, and she met him before the game to talk about her experiences.

“He was so nice to her — he was just wonderful,” Lillian said. “When you’re a parent of a special needs person, you’re just so grateful for all that he does.”

Talk about an athlete who puts not just his team, but the fans, first.