(Joey Anders didn't just teach Jordan Spieth how to golf. He also adopted an older girl from Ukraine and quite possible saved her life. Photo:  Kelli McKandless)

(Joey Anders didn’t just teach Jordan Spieth how to golf. He also adopted an older girl from Ukraine and quite possibly saved her life. Photo: Kelli McKandless)

As we always do on the first of every month, here are Purpose 2 Play’s five most read stories from the previous month, according to pageviews.

Your favorite stories from July:

5. Writing Helps Renowned Open Water Swimmer Lynne Cox Float On

“I realized that if I hadn’t swam the Catalina Channel when I was 14, I don’t think that I would have started to train to swim the English Channel. If I hadn’t swum the English Channel, I don’t think I would have swam the Cook Strait to New Zealand.” – Lynne Cox

4. Not Just Makers of Boxing Belts, SARTONK Promotes Literacy and Social Contribution

“The challenge is in getting boxing trainers to support this. A lot of boxing trainers themselves were at-risk youth who grew up and had a meaningful life through boxing, but did it without much formal education. For the trainers themselves, writing an essay isn’t that much of an intuitive thing, so passing it on to the youth is kind of hard to imagine.” – SARTONK president Edward Majian

3. U.S. Women’s Soccer Star Ali Krieger, the Warrior

“At the time I was dating a guy who basically saved my life. I told him ‘I’m having problems with my chest. I’m just resting here and my heart rate is 112.’ That was the only reason I picked up and went to the hospital. The doctors that night said, ‘If you would have fell asleep, you probably wouldn’t have woken up.’” – Ali Krieger on having a pulmonary embolism

2. Boy, 8, Finishes Triathlon with Disabled Brother

“I like everything about him. He is perfect.” – Noah Aldrich on his younger brother, Lucas

1. Jordan Spieth’s first golf coach does the right thing from the links to Ukraine

“I helped him with a few things—a little sway, taking the club too far back—but I spent a lot of time telling him how good he could be; what the possibilities were for someone with his level of talent. I guess my role was to help him to dream. – Joey Anders on a young Jordan Spieth

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