(Josh Dueck and his family in Spain. Photo: Barcelona Special Traveler)

(Josh Dueck and his family in Spain. Photo: Barcelona Special Traveler)

We had the best month in Purpose 2 Play history in August. As we do on the first of every month, here are our top five most read stories from the previous month, according to pageviews.

Your favorite stories from August:

5. San Antonio Spurs Hire Becky Hammon as Paid Assistant Coach

The San Antonio Spurs are one of the most fundamentally sound and successful teams in all of professional sports. It’s no surprise then that Tuesday they became the first NBA, NFL, MLB, or NHL team to hire a female to their coaching staff. 

4. Elite Wheelchair Athlete Gives Persons with Disabilities  the Power to Move

“I told him that I was going to push my wheelchair across the United States. I honestly don’t know where the idea came from; it literally popped out of my mouth. I hadn’t pushed a racing chair as much as a mile at that point. But I was determined.” – Mike King

3. Man without Arms Throws Out First Pitch at MLB Game

Willis goes to show that people’s only limitations are the ones that they place on themselves.

2. Paralympic Skier Josh Dueck Had to go Upside Down to See Right Side Up

“When you’re an able-bodied person doing a backflip, you have a lot more control on takeoff and landing, and overall rotational speed. You can do it off of a lot of different types of jumps. You can do it with a little speed. You can do it with a lot of speed. You can manipulate a lot of things with your legs. In a sit-ski, my ability to control the rotation is different. We were really dependent on finding the perfect angle for the jump and the perfect landing.” – Josh Dueck

1. Children’s Cancer Camp Holds Special Place in Lance Armstrong’s Heart

“If you take a 40-year-old with any type of cancer and a 4-year-old with cancer, and you just follow them in their environment in the hospital or in the chemo ward, I don’t know if this is emotional or physical or what, but the 40-year-old is laid out in bed, doesn’t move, doesn’t want to move. The 4-year-old is down in the toy room or on his bike in the hallways, and continues to rip, live, and play.” – Lance Armstrong

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