L.A. Rams players Tavon Austin and Robert Quinn are more than just men catching footballs and getting after quarterbacks, respectively. They’re guys whose efforts shine brighter off the NFL field.

For the second straight year, Austin and Quinn helped a mother and her six children transition from homelessness to a fully furnished and welcoming apartment.

Shwonna Cox and her kids, who range in age from 2 to 15, couldn’t believe their eyes when they walked into their new four-bedroom home, which Austin and Quinn helped outfit with new beds, televisions, a couch, a dining room set and kitchen necessities, according to the L.A. Times. They also made sure everyone had gifts underneath the Christmas tree.



Before Cox and her family stepped into their new home, they had to move out of their interim housing twice due to wildfires. So, to be settled somewhere just in time for Christmas means the world.

“I just feel at peace,” Cox told the L.A. Times, “and thank them for everything.”

Austin can relate to Cox’s plight. He grew up in Baltimore under a single mother who was struggling to provide for her four kids.

“We had six people in the house [his grandmother lived there, too], so I know how this feels,” Austin told ESPN in 2016 after he and Quinn furnished a home for a single mother and her six children. “It put the drive in me to get to where I want to today. That’s how I looked at it, that’s how I approached it and that’s how I took it.”

As for whether this tradition will continue for Austin and Quinn? It looks promising.

“I always want to do something to help a person. You can’t help everybody in the world but at least you can get to one, and that’s where my heart has always been, so that’s what is to me,” Austin said. “I just feel good they have a place to rest their head and call a place home.”

Now that’s a move that has more meaning than anything that could occur between the hash marks.