Taylor Johnson executed her homecoming proposal perfectly.

The Alabama teen asked her good friend and student with special needs, Holman Head, to the year’s kickoff dance by dressing up as his favorite NASCAR driver, Kyle Busch. She held a sign that read, “Holman, will you race to homecoming with me?”

Of course, Head said “yes.”

When Busch heard about the gesture, he sprung to action and sent the teens a video message.

“Hey, Taylor and Holman, Kyle Busch here. I hear that tonight is your homecoming dance. I also hear that, Holman, you’re a pretty big fan, so I just wanted to I appreciate that and you being a supporter of the Number 18 team. And for that, we’re going to send you a Number 18 interstate batteries Toyota Camry to give you two a ride to the homecoming dance.”

“I also think that since we’ll be racing in Talladega in a couple of weeks, maybe you two should come out and join us for the race weekend.”