Andy Engert had been at odds with a group of cyclists for a while. They would ride and park their bikes in the fire lane down the road from where he works at Tiajana Flats in Florida. It drove him up the wall to the point where he would yell in anger as they passed by and complain to his boss.

However, that all changed when his bike was stolen and the cyclists chipped in to buy him a new and better bike.

According to Growing Bolder, Engert, 40, was born with fetal alcohol syndrome, and his bicycle is his source of independence. He rides it to work, run errands and meet friends.

As you can imagine, he was incredibly upset when his only mode of transportation was stolen in early July. That’s why when the cyclists he often feuds with saw police officers surrounding the area where Engert works and they meet for coffee, the group stepped up.

One rider, Meghan Horner, sent out a group email to her fellow peddlers asking for donations for “A new bike for Andy.” Within four hours, they had enough to buy and surprise him with the new three-gear ride.

Lucky for us, Growing Bolder caught the moment he was surprised.

“I’m speechless,” he said. “People are great. I think this is a great day today.”

A story worth peddling out to the masses.