Former number one tennis pro Kim Clijsters happily gave a white skirt to a man in the stands who was heckling players at Wimbledon.

It’s hands down the top tennis video on the web right now. And now, the popularity of the skirt is going to help children who have cancer travel overseas to receive treatment.

If you haven’t seen the clip already, Irishman Chris Quinn was talking a big game from his comfy seat as Kim Clijsters and her doubles partner, Rennae Stubbs, took on Conchita Martinez and Andrea Jaeger in a Ladies’ Invitation Match.

When Clijsters asked the crowd if she should serve wide or down the middle, Quinn shouted, “Body serve.”

That’s when she replied, “You said body? Why don’t you go there?”

Clijsters then invited Quinn onto the court to receive one of her serves. Of course, the dress code at Wimbledon is all-white. With Quinn wearing a green shirt and blue shorts, Clijisters dug into her bag for a white skirt, which Quinn enthusiastically put on.

Take a look at the moment:

The infamous skirt is doing so much more than providing a few laughs, however. According to Irish Examiner, Quinn will be putting the attire up for auction to raise money for The Gavin Glynn Foundation, which helps families in Ireland who are affected by cancer with transportation and accommodations as their child travels to receive treatment.

“I have the skirt, or the skort as they call it, and we are going to auction it for charity,” he said.

“I wouldn’t normally be the extrovert like this. I’ll roll with it for as long as I can.”

Quinn, a 46-year-old captain of the Greystones Lawn Tennis Club, immediately called John Glynn, the director of the foundation.

“I think it is amazing, we are absolutely delighted that he came to us first,” he said.

“He rang us yesterday – through a friend he got my number and rang and said, ‘you have probably seen the video we would love to auction it for the Gavin Glynn Foundation, is that ok?’ and we were absolutely delighted.” (

If you’d like to bid on the skirt, visit The Gavin Glynn Foundation.