Jacksonville Jaguars running back Leonard Fournette realizes that many people assisted him as he was on his path to the NFL.

That’s why the former LSU Tiger is helping Jhane Lowsoo, a current LSU student, pay for her final year of college. Lowsoo, whose scholarship won’t extend beyond four years, has been gaining experience as a student-trainer on the school’s football team. So, when she set up a GoFundMe page to help cover the cost of her fifth year, Fournette stepped up.

“I am raising money to fund my senior year of college. I will be a 5th year senior at LSU, meaning that I will no longer receive TOPS (due to TOPS being a 4 year college program) I have tried to apply for several loans but have gotten turned down for every single one,” she wrote. “This means that I will have to pay for my tuition out of pocket.”

When Fournette heard about Lowsoo’s situation on social media, he immediately offered to fund her senior year for a couple of reasons: She’s helped him feel his best on the football field, and she’s from his hometown of New Orleans.

“She took care of me when I needed massages, just the little things that took care of my body,” he told Will Gavin of talkSPORTS. “You know, she’s from my hometown. I mean, why not give back to where I’m from? I feel like everybody needs that chance to do something they want to do in life.”



This isn’t the first time Fournette has made a difference in his community. Last off season, he partnered with MET-Rx to have more than 700 of his trophies melted down in order to turn them into weights. Then, he donated the barbells and kettlebells to William M. Raines High School in Jacksonville.

“I figured my trophies at home were just collecting dust and not doing anything, so why not put them to use? The memory of them is always going to be in my mind, so this is a blessing,” Fournette told SB Nation.

You may not root for Leonard Fournette on the field but off? It’s hard not to applaud his actions.