As the founder of Sky Footwear, Keaton Hendricks once had 10,000 pairs of socks in his dorm room at Taylor University in Upland, Indiana. Don’t worry, though. They were all clean, because they were being shipped to both paying customers and to homeless shelters across the country.

The former college basketball player, who graduated in May with a degree in marketing and management, started the company with teammate Eric Cellier in 2015, five years after being inspired while volunteering for a homeless shelter in Bloomington, Indiana.

“….My eyes were opened to the heart-breaking situation that a lot of my neighbors lived in. I found myself connecting to many of their stories and my heart began to break as I learned about the struggle, pain, and hopelessness that most of them face,” Hendricks wrote.

Eric Cellier (left) and Keaton Hendricks. Photo: Sky Footwear

“I realized that many of these people who had nothing were thankful for anything. I was repeatedly amazed at the thankfulness that the individuals at the shelters showed for the simple things that I take for granted everyday.”

So, after learning that socks are the number one requested item at homeless shelters, Hendricks developed a simple business/give-back plan: For each pair of socks sold at Sky Footwear, another pair will be donated to a shelter. To date, he’s sold more than 22,000 pairs since launching the business.

“How simple a sock is to us, is such a huge need to them,” Hendricks told CNN.

The socks that are sold come in different lengths, cuts and colors, but the pairs that are donated are designed specifically for conditions homeless men and women often have to endure.

“We give socks that are wool socks, thick thermal socks,” Hendricks told CBN News. “What they need is something more durable and for the everyday grind. It’s better suited for them.”

And, by taking care of their feet, it’s one step closer to them getting back on their feet.