A little respect goes a long way. That’s the lesson 12-year-old ZaMarion Coffie learned from Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Marcus Peters.

According to the Kansas City Star, ZaMarion was shopping with his mother, Larissa Coffie, when they popped into a shoe store at Oak Park Mall in Overland, KS.

ZaMarion stopped to scope out a $200 pair of Air Jordan Retro 5s. His mom quickly told him to put them back, and he listened immediately.

That’s when a stranger interrupted and told them that he’d like to purchase the Air Jordans for ZaMarion.

“I was like get out of here, you’re not going to really purchase him those $200 shoes and he was like I really am,” Coffie wrote in a Facebook post. “So the guy tells Z (to) tell the guy what size you need, try them on and I got you take them up to the front and I got you I’m going to pay for them. So I’m sitting there and I’m like okay so I get up and walk up there to the register and the guy actually purchased them. Not only did he purchase the one pair of shoes he was looking at he purchased him another pair of shoes…

“(I)t’s amazing we are so humbled we are so blessed today and if anybody knows a guy between the ages of 20 and 30 named Marcus.”

Only later did Coffie and ZaMarion learn that the man was Marcus Peters.



That’s when Coffie wrote an email to the Kansas City Star.

“I don’t believe I can put into words on how I felt,” she wrote. “Before I even really knew who it was, I was speechless. After I figured it out, that didn’t help me find any words. I am just thankful to Marcus Peters for what he did for my son. It was something he didn’t have to do but something Marcus want to do. And for that I will always be grateful. We need more men like him. It really was a blessing.”

You don’t have to be a fan of the Chiefs to cheer on that move.