Carolina Panthers’ quarterback Cam Newton stepped up in a big way on his only day off.

He used Tuesday to hop a flight to Atlanta all to see 10-year-old Auburn super fan, Austin Deckard, who has advanced pulmonary hypertension.

The boy was recently diagnosed, and according to his teacher, Courtney Cooper, “his prognosis is not good.”

Cooper posted on Facebook last week about her student and his wish to meet Newton. Social media worked its magic and Deckard’s dream came true when Newton walked into his hospital room.

Take a look at the touching surprise:

Here’s Cooper’s full post:

I don’t normally post things like this but this special little guy needs our prayers in a big way. This is my student, Austin. Just 3 short weeks ago, Austin’s life was changed forever. He was diagnosed with advanced pulmonary hypertension. His prognosis is not good. He will have a procedure done next Wednesday that the doctors fear he may not make it through. Please pray for a miracle.

**The 2nd thing I am asking of you is to SHARE this post to help one of Austin’s wishes come true. Just before Thanksgiving, I was headed to an Auburn football game. Austin was in awe of this. He also told me he “wished Cam Newton could come to his birthday party.” Austin may not ever make it to an Auburn football game but I know social media is a strong force that can make things happen. Let’s use it for something positive and spread this like wildfire and somehow, someway get the word to Cam Newton and give this precious little boy his wish.

That’s some serious teamwork.