Brandon Kelman, 14, was never expected to walk or talk, let alone shoot hoops with NBA star Steph Curry.

Kelman experienced infantile spasms starting at six weeks old, and malformations on his brain caused major cognitive and physical delays.

He was never into playing sports, or watching them for that matter until his younger brother showed him a video of Curry sinking half court shots.

“One day he came to me after watching Steph, and he said, ‘I want to learn how to shoot baskets,'” Kelman’s father told KTVU Fox 2. “This is a child I couldn’t get to go outside to play with my other kid.”

Kelman couldn’t catch the ball and his balance was off when he first started, but he practiced and practiced.

“My kid was enjoying a sport and living a life as normal as a kid can being 14 years of age, playing basketball outside with his brothers,” he mom said. “I would have never dreamed in a million years, and we were told it would never be possible.”

Kelman’s only wish in life was to meet his hardwood hero. Lucky for him, the Golden State Warriors made it happen. Have a look: