It was an early kickoff to Mother’s Day for Dale Earnhardt Jr.’s mom, Brenda.

The NASCAR driver wrote a touching letter to his mom and then read it aloud in front of a camera, thinking that he was going to be the one surprising her with a sweet message on Mother’s Day.

He had no idea she was in the next room listening to his words, getting ready to surprise him.

In the letter, Earnhardt Jr. said,

“I think back as a 6-year-old kid, you a single mother, us losing everything in a house fire. You gave custody of us two kids to our father, knowing he could provide us with a promising future.…

“I’m thankful that we are together today, as I am now older and wiser to appreciate the sacrifices that you made for us. You never failed at making me feel loved.”

The heartwarming clip was part of a SportsCenter Featured segment called “The Power of Sports.”  Take a look:

When Earnhardt Jr. announced in late April he was going to retire from the sport after the 2017 season, he said this about his mom during a press conference:

“She loves me through my good races and my bad races, but what makes her uniquely my own is she definitely is going to tell me when it was a bad race,” Earnhardt said of his mother. “Everybody deserves to have someone in their life that you never have to wonder, and with my mother I never have to wonder.”  (Union Leader)

The Power of Sports? No, how about the Power of Moms?