Following his fourth PGA TOUR victory at the 2017 AT&T Byron Nelson, Billy Horschel said he was especially emotional about the win because it was a difficult year for him off the course.

“Just life gets in the way sometimes and, you know, it’s truly special to be winning on a day like this that I’m not able to talk about it right now,” he said. “But it’s just lot of stuff happened in the last year and this is just — this is nice.”

A day later, his wife, Brittany, revealed on Twitter what that “stuff” was: Her struggle with alcoholism.

After two months of inpatient therapy to help Brittany cope with the disease, she has been sober for a full year. During the time Brittany was away, Billy put his golf career to the side to care for their young daughter.

For the first time since Brittany’s admission, the couple, who has been together for more than six years, stepped in front of the camera together on Good Morning America to share their difficult battle. Their hope is to help change the perception of alcoholism so that people view it as an illness rather than a character trait.

“It’s a disease. It’s just like cancer…Getting this out there and hopefully trying to help as many people as we can from our story, that’s one of our goals now,” Billy said in May.

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