When the 2017 NFL Draft kicks off on Thursday, there’s one selection NFL commissioner Roger Goodell will not be announcing — that of the Baltimore Ravens.

That’s because there’s someone else who’s better suited for the job, and that someone is 14-year-old Ravens fan, T.J. Onwuanibe.

Thanks to the Ravens and the Make-A-Wish foundation, Onwuanibe will step up to the microphone in Philadelphia and tell the world who his team has drafted with their No. 16 overall pick.

Onwuanibe was diagnosed with brain cancer in 2015, and underwent radiation and chemotherapy treatment. Thankfully, doctors told him in March that he was in remission and could look forward to a brighter future. So, not only did he look to his own, but he looked to that of his team’s.

When asked what he wanted his wish to be from Make-A-Wish, he thought about the NFL Draft.

“I thought, wouldn’t it be cool to have the commissioner’s job for a pick and be there?” Onwuanibe told the Baltimore Ravens. “It sounded like a great idea, so why not?”

Head coach John Harbaugh got on board, and in a special school assembly, he told Onwuanibe through a taped video that the job was his.

Check it out:

Prediction: Regardless of who the Ravens select, it will be the best moment of the night.