Photo: Sophia Germer/The Advocate

Robert Pack was a 13-year NBA journeyman known for his high-flying dunks even though he was only 6’2″. Now 48 years old, he’s an assistant coach with the New Orleans Pelicans.

However, he doesn’t just coach NBA stars. Along with friend, former AAU teammate, and rapper Percy Miller (a.k.a Master P), Pack formed Team H.O.P.E Nola in November, where he coaches 20 boys between the ages of 12 and 15 in the game of life. H.O.P.E. stands for Helping Our Players Excel, by the way.

According to The Undefeated, the Lower 9th Ward “at-risk” boys were chosen by coaches, counselors, teachers, and social workers to be part of the program that meets twice per month. They take part in educational outings, service day projects, and social excursions for a very good reason.

“To keep them busy and make them feel part of something larger,” Pack told The Undefeated. “They’re all good kids – they just need that little push and to be told they can.”

Most recently, Pack and Miller took a few boys to help people in East New Orleans recover from the tornado that ripped through the area on Feb. 8.

Take a look at their work:

Here’s more about the program:

The boys involved will have opportunities like these for the next three to four years. After that, Pack and Miller will track their progress.  After all, momentum is what it’s all about.