Watch out, LeBron. James Meiergerd, 18, is on your heels. The senior at West Point-Beemer High School in Nebraska gave the crowd a thrill by making a backward half-court trick shot during a timeout in early January.

More than two months have passed since the ball sailed through the net, yet the shot lives on. That’s because Meiergerd has Down syndrome and worked his tail off to master the near-impossible trick. And, people around the country can’t stop talking about it. People, including the Harlem Globetrotters.

The teen, who suits up for the J.V. team and goes to all the varsity games, decided to take to the court during a varsity game after the dance team performed. He figured he’d been practicing the shot, so he called for a ball and after multiple attempts, he lit up the entire gym.

Have a look:



The video went viral and was picked up by ABC World News Tonight.

“He’s really the heart and soul of this basketball team,” senior Greg Johnson said in the clip.

He also drew the attention of the Harlem Globetrotters, the legendary basketball trick shot experts. After seeing Meiergerd’s shot, Globetrotter Orlando Melendez visited West Point-Beemer High to speak with students at a special rally about what it takes to succeed in life. Then, the 6-foot-8 player called Meiergerd to half-court, pointing to him as a prime example of what determination is.

Having complete confidence Meiergerd wasn’t just a one-hit wonder, Melendez said, “Maybe you and I can try to make that shot again. What do you think?”

So, the teen lined up at half-court, and after 10 attempts, he banked one off the backboard and through the hoop.

The crowd, which was comprised of every student at the school, went wild.



As for where he’ll perform his next no-look half-court shot? Who knows, but I’m hoping it will be in front of an NBA crowd someday.