Put a board under 9-year-old Sierra Kerr’s feet, and she soars.

Kerr surfs, skateboards, and wakesurfs, and she’s already making quite a name for herself having appeared in television commercials.

Photo: SierraKerr/Instagram

Photo: SierraKerr/Instagram

She discovered her talent thanks to her father, Josh, who is one of the world’s best pro surfers.

”I don’t exactly like to listen when he tells me advice,” the skating phenom says. “When he tries to tell me what to do, I say, ‘You’re trying to coach me, Dad! I want to go over here and try to figure it out myself!’” “Yeah, she doesn’t exactly like to be micro-managed,” laughs Josh. “I think she gets that from me.” (San Diego Magazine)

The father-daughter duo are fun to watch on their boards, but it’s one of Sierra’s most recent videos that really caught our attention. She took her dog, Aspen, out for a spin on the waves:

This girl and her dog can rip. And it looks like we’ll be seeing her on the extreme scene for many years to come.