George Jedenoff isn’t 98 years old. That’s just how many years he has been having fun.

He lives in California, but for the past 56 years, he has flocked to the snow in Utah so that he can do what he loves — ski.

That right. Just two years shy of 100, Jedenoff is still hurling his body down the slopes on a pair of sticks, and he didn’t even learn how to ski until he was 43. In his most recent Ski Utah video, he said,

“Don’t worry about the fact that years ago, you could do something better than you can now. The fact that you can do it now is important. Too many people give up; they get discouraged because they’re not as good as they were. Well, that’s part of life. Just make the most of it. That’s what I say.”

Last year, he told Ski Utah that skiing is like eating “a fancy dessert.”

“It adds just so much to your life. It’s worth all the effort of exercise…I just wish I could ski every day.”

Here is Jedenoff and his “Powder Philosophy” at 98: