Professional golfer Liz Young is squeezing every bit of golf into her life in the two months before giving birth to her daughter.

The 33-year-old from England played in this week’s Women’s British Open at seven months pregnant. In a sport where keeping an eye on the ball is imperative, a growing belly certainly doesn’t make things easier.

In the opening round, Young shot one-over 73, a remarkable score for someone whose body starts to wear down as the day goes on. “I’m pretty tired,” she said afterwards. “My back’s hurting, swollen ankles, sore feet. But it was the first time I have played 18 holes [this week] so I was quite pleased to get round. (The Telegraph)

She started to “waddle” 12 holes in, but her husband/caddie, Jonathan, was there every step of the way.

Young didn’t make the cut after Friday’s play, but for a tournament she wasn’t planning on playing in anyway (until she qualified when she she finished 18th at a tournament in the Czech Republic), she was happy with her performance.

She got full clearance from her doctor long before stepping onto any tee box.

According to Dr. Michael Dooley, who runs the only clinic on sports and gynecology at the King Edward VII hospital in London,

“The crucial advice is listen to your body. As long as she has no complications, is feeling fit and well, has taken medical advice, and looks after her hydration, there is no reason why she should not continue.” (The Guardian)

Next up for Young: Teeing up motherhood.