Earlier this month, we told you about Sydney Phillips, the 13-year-old who was denied the chance to play on her school’s boys’ basketball team.

Phillips played on the girls’ team last year, but not enough girls signed up to play this season. Her school, St. Theresa School (Kenilworth, NJ), claimed that she didn’t fill out her paperwork in time. Her family said that wasn’t true, and believed that other parents didn’t want a girl playing on a boys’ team. So, they sued the school.

Initially, a Judge ruled against the Phillips’ family, but told them they could return to court with more evidence. So, they did. The second time around, the Judge ruled in favor of allowing Phillips on the team.

Her first game was on Sunday, and with the weight of the incident on her shoulders, she still scored a couple of baskets.

After her performance, one of her opponents said, “Man, I was like, ‘what – she’s going to be better than me!?'” (6 ABC News)

The team is now in the playoffs and will have at least one more game.