It doesn’t matter how old you are. You can be your own superhero.

That’s what 9-year-old Milla Bizzotto is showing the world. She recently became the first person under 18 to complete a 24-hour obstacle course race, which was designed by the Navy SEALs.

Milla ran six laps totaling 36 miles, she swam eight kilometers, and she completed 25 obstacles in the Battlefrog event.

After the race, she stood up on the podium and said,

“I wanted to inspire kids to get off the couch, and show that they have something special inside of them, and that they can tell the people who don’t believe in them who they really are.”

Milla’s father, Christian, is the co-founder of Focused Movement Academy in Miami. After school, she goes to her dad’s gym to hangout and to train.

She hasn’t been forced into fitness, however. Milla started putting in the work after she was bullied at school.

“How [Milla] perceives herself is completely different than six months ago,” Christian told ABC News.

He said his daughter never even had to physically fight the schoolyard bullies. Instead, when Milla found an understanding of how powerful she is, the bullying stopped all on its own.


Working on my pull-up game getting ready for #TheAthleteRace! #AROO @christian_bizzotto A video posted by Milla Star (@millastarfma) on

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Photo: enriquericabalphotography/Instagram

Photo: enriquericabalphotography/Instagram

She’s a star in the making, and a force to be reckoned with in whatever she chooses to do.

Go, Milla, go.