Great achievement comes with simple consistency.

On January 1, 1989, Lenworth “Kip” Williamson decided to run every day that year. His New Year’s resolution grew big legs and has extended to nearly three decades.

According to, Williamson logged 10,000 consecutive days of running on May 18. The 57-year-old Massachusetts resident, who works as an engineering manager at General Electric Co. when he’s not pounding the pavement, has run at least three miles every day since the late 80’s.

He only has two rules associated with his streak.

“I must run three or more miles on each run. And no excuses,” he said.

He remembers reading at the time that if you can do something for 21 days, it becomes a habit. He said 1989 was a mild winter, which helped him as he is an outdoor runner.

Williamson sticks to the streets, regardless of the weather. If he works out indoors, it’s for weight training and use of a stationary bike to supplement his primary exercise. Treadmills are not an option for him because he runs in every type of weather.

With that goal, he considers a three-mile run a rest day. He mixes in at least one long run a week, which can range from six to eight miles. He jogs 30 or more miles weekly and at least 130 miles a month. (

Williamson says that his streak is enough to keep life interesting. He doesn’t race anymore, which helps him avoid injuries and illness.

He runs alone most of the time, but gets a thrill out of the endorphins that his workouts provide. He has run at all hours of the day, just to keep his streak going.

With no plans of stopping, Williamson is looking forward to hitting his next mark on December 31, 2018: Thirty years of non-stop running.

Thanks to a little luck and a strong mental game, Williamson proves that nothing is stronger than a habit.