Heroes come in all shapes and sizes. Need proof? There’s no better evidence than a heartwarming video Help for Heroes released featuring Iraq veteran Simon Brown and 5-year-old triathlete Temperance “Tempy” Pattinson, a girl who races for military veterans who sustain injuries or illnesses while serving in the British Armed Forces.

Brown and Tempy went face-to-face in the Help for Heroes “Facing It Together” campaign, and talked candidly about their stories.

A 13-year war veteran, Brown was shot in the face in 2006 while serving in Iraq, and endured 25 surgeries. He was left blind but has been able to slowly rebuild his life.

Tempy, who has supported military veterans since she was 3 years old, swam a 100-meter race and did a triathlon to benefit soldiers like Brown. She raised money for Help for Heroes, which provides lifelong support to military personnel and veterans who have had their lives dramatically altered while defending their country.

When Brown asked Tempy about her motivation for racing she said, “Even though I didn’t know any of the soldiers, I just thought that they did something for us. I thought I could give a present back to them by raising them money. I’m quite proud of the soldiers.”

Then Brown responded with, “I’m telling you now that the soldiers are also very proud of you, because I’m 38-and-a-half, and I can’t do a triathlon.”

Tempy went on to explain how she was terrified of the bike portion of the triathlon because she doesn’t really know how to ride a bike and still uses training wheels.

No words can do their interaction justice. That’s why the clip has gone viral.

In addition to Brown and Tempy learning about each other, Tempy gave Brown a “tiger’s eye shaped in a love heart.”

“I bought you a present because you are special to me because you have helped me, so I thought I could give a present back like that,” she said.

Brown and Pattinson show that age gaps are irrelevant when it comes to humans inspiring humans.