Tommy Morrissey, 5, doesn’t just have a solid golf swing. He can impersonate the swings of the PGA Tour’s best players.

We first introduced you to Morrissey in 2014 as a three-year-old golfing phenom, who plays the sports with just one arm. Due to a blood clot, Morrissey was born missing part of his right arm, but that hasn’t stopped him one bit.

“Doctors at Shriners Hospital in Philadelphia predicted that he’d have exceptional hand-eye coordination. His body and his brain think he’s right-handed, but without a right hand his brain has to compensate in ways yours and mine would not.” – Tommy’s mother, Marcia (Golf Digest)

He has played a few holes with Tiger Woods, and has met Jordan Spieth and Rickie Fowler. And now he’s channeling all three of them and more: