Gwyn Haslock is known as the “Godmother of Surf” in Cornwall, England.

At 71 years old, she’s Britain’s first female surfing champion, and to this day, not only do people still talk about her, but they’re able to watch her surf as well.

Haslock has found no good reason to give up her sport. She loves it so much that she’ll even strap on a wetsuit in December and hit the frigid waters.

“Sometimes I get funny looks. People say, ‘Is that old person going to do anything?’ Then they see that I can catch a wave and it gives them inspiration,” she said in a short video produced by Land Rover.

Haslock was introduced to the sport in the 1960s by her brother.

“People used to say, ‘I don’t think you can go surfing unless you can carry the board’, and in those days they were 10 feet tall and very heavy. I was determined to carry it so I put it on my head and took it to the beach. That is how I started.”

She entered her first contest in 1965, where she she competed against men because she was the only woman. Two years after that, she became a champion.

Here’s a short video on her love of surfing and why she’s not letting age stop her.

A legend at her finest.