Surfers don’t really need duct tape, do they? Pascale Honore and Tyron Swan certainly did.

Although decades apart in age, the two Australians formed an indestructible bond built on trust when Swan offered to take Honore, a complete paraplegic, surfing.

Honore lost the use of her legs following a car accident that shattered her T4 vertebrae. From her wheelchair, she would often watch her two sons surf from the cliffs above. One day, Swan, a friend of her sons, offered to take her on a tandem ride.

The only thing the pair had available to them at the time was duct tape. Although simple, it worked wonders.

“Just looking up, just the color, the sound. It was like being part of everything; being part of the water. I can’t even find words to explain it,” she told filmmaker Mark Tipple in his short documentary called ‘Duct Tape Surfing.’ It’s really shown me that you can still have a dream, and things are possible.”

Here’s a look at the beautiful film:

Unfortunately, according to The Northern Star, Honore passed away at 52 years old in 2015 due to complications following surgery for a twisted bowel.

Way to go, Tyron Swan, for making the final years of one woman’s life an endless smile while she was near the water.